November PBIS nominees highlight value of hard work

PBIS has announced its student and staff member nominations for the month of November.

Spanish teachers Marcela Sample and Madeline Rodriguez and assistant principal Elise Heaton nominated School Resource Officer Zane Taylor. 

Taylor was noted for being an outstanding support for the school. He helps everyone in many ways, and not just making sure students are safe in school, but also outside of school at sporting events. 

“[Taylor] is excellent,” Sample said. “He’s very polite, and he protects us.”

Other staff members nominated include media specialist Rick Wright, English teacher Justin Spencer, world language teacher Jill Snelgrove, girls basketball coach A.C. Atha, special education teacher Laura Harbin, health teacher Peyton Dean, social studies teachers Rebecca Rickeard and Taylor Sweeney, science teachers Amy Hinote, Austin Enriquez, Kelly Rock, math teachers Nick Castagna, John Bowen, McNally Heather, Julie Spencer, and support staff members Leslie Frey, Dana Clevenger, Joye Marchman, Stacy Nichols, Kristen Brooks, Brenda Adams, and Kelly Evans.

Spanish teacher Madeline Rodriguez nominated sophomore Zachary Peavyhouse. She explained how he is very responsible and has shown a lot of times where he helps the class by being kind and picking up papers. 

“I remember one day in the lab and somebody put a paper on the counter in the lab and the student had not realized they had dropped it and they had walked away, but here he comes, picks it up, puts it where it’s supposed to go,” Rodriguez said. “He is such a gentleman.”

Food sciences teacher Adriah Williams nominated senior Valentina Diaz. She is the president of the FCCLA club and helps a lot by scheduling meetings and preparing the meetings too. 

“She’s so responsible and a hardworking student. That’s all on top of making good grades and having work-based learning and all the other things that come with being a good student at Starr’s Mill High School,” Williams said. “It was definitely a no-brainer for me when it came time to choose someone to nominate.”

Other nominated students include freshmen Wells (Jamison) Almand, Ashtyn Hughes, Alaina Murdock, Courtney Blanks, Smith Robin, sophomores Hannah McBryde, Jadynn Martin, Jared Moore, Alicia Agbewali, juniors Maggie Kluemper, Tyana Smith, Hailey Watkins, Owen Sexton, Cayden Mullins, Tani Alofe, and Ethan Ruppert, and seniors Sienna Baird, Maggie Wilson, Jack Dombek and Derrilyn Maxey.

Once a month Elise Heaton, the assistant principal in charge of PBIS, sends out a link for staff members to nominate students and teachers for their good behavior. The PBIS committee, composed of Heaton, a PBIS coach, and other faculty, voted on the PBIS staff and students of the month. 

“PBIS is important because it provides a framework for us here at the school to promote positive behavior, and put more of a spotlight on things that students and staff members are doing well and doing correctly versus focusing on negative behaviors or mistakes that people make. So it’s really highlighting the positive, and showcasing the positive,” Heaton said.