Spotlight On…

Dr. Regina Daigre


Photo courtesy of Dr. Regina Daigre

Dr. Regina Daigre is the newest addition to the Fayette County Board of Education. She represents the area serving Tyrone.

Crista Alarcon, Staff Writer

Following last November’s elections, there has been a change of membership at the central office.

Dr. Regina Daigre was sworn in as the newest Fayette County Board of Education member in January. She replaces outgoing member Leonard Presberg of Post 4 who served beginning in 2011.

Daigre has been an educator for over 18 years, but she is also an entrepreneur and a visionary. 

She currently owns two businesses: School Motivational Speaker, of which she is the CEO, and Daigre Global LLC. She is also the creator of, Job Fit Probability, and High Hopes Digital Magazine.

“You know how some people stumble into educationー not me,” Daigre said. “I knew from the time I was three years old that I wanted to be a teacher.” 

“I went to this new high school in my last year and when I left my principal told me, ‘You probably won’t be able to compete with those kids because you’re coming from a rural school going into a metropolitan area. You are not going to be able to compete, so I don’t want you to be disappointed’,” Daigre said. “Well, I graduated number three out of 233 [students] in that class.”

Daigre plans to collaborate with the county’s current vision to combine excellence and creativity. In addition, her vision is to help both students and educators find their best fit and lead their best life.

Courtesy of Dr. Regina Daigre

“Parents are the first educators, and while I’ve met some inspiring educators in my life, I started talking to you about my parents,” said Daigre. “My mom with the 8th-grade education and dad with the 11th-grade education. That inspired me to learn.”

Daigre plans to try to increase parent involvement in their kids’ educations by encouraging them to learn. She believes that education begins at home, that parents are the core of education, and that parents have to be engaged to help their children be successful.

“It appears [Daigre] wants to work for our school district to improve it in any way she can in the future,” Board of Education Chairman Roy Rabold said.

The next work session for the Fayette County Board of Education is on February 13 at 2 p.m., and the next meeting is on February 27 at 7 p.m.