Inspiring Black public figure

Andrea Freeman


Staff Photo

To cap off the month-long celebration, the Black Student Association invited students to write about inspiring Black public figures. Sophomore Nyasia Merritt-Carrington wrote about assistant principal Andrea Freeman.

A Black public figure who inspires me is assistant principal Andrea Freeman.

She teaches me that you can stand alone and still be great.

— Guest Writer Nyasia Merritt-Carrington

Freeman inspires to be the best me I can. She shows me that you can go for an opportunity that comes to you. She pulls out the best in people.

Freeman helps people in any situation, even if they are wrong. She reminds me that you do not have to be brave or strong, you just have to keep going and keep trying even if you feel like giving up. Even on your weakest days, do not ever give up.

She teaches me if you are doing your best at something and no one sees it or is proud of you, then be proud of yourself. She teaches me that you can stand alone and still be great.

This is why Freeman is a Black figure who inspires me.