Back to school style shakes up Starr’s Mill

As the school year begins, students at Starr’s Mill are returning to their hectic routines and busy schedules. Their day-to-day lives include many things, one being their choice of outfit each day. While some dress to impress, others like to stay comfortable and leisurely. I’m here to review some of my favorite trends and looks from this first month of school.  

Senior Sarah Johnston, wearing florals and millennial pink, gives a good look into the trends seen around Starr’s Mill this August. By shopping at stores like Goodwill and Park Avenue Thrift, Johnston is able to find unique clothing that fits her style.

Sarah Johnston

Bold skirts

“I try to dress as comfortably as I can on long school days but today felt like a good day to dress up,” senior Sarah Johnston said.

Johnston tends to dress down on a school day but switched things up by wearing a floral, velvet skirt and a flowy top. This outfit is convenient, trendy and a fabulous choice for a school day. She bought this outfit at Target, a store frequented by many Starr’s Mill students. Johnston also likes to shop at Park Avenue Thrift and Goodwill where she can buy trendy, second-hand clothing at very reasonable prices.

“I love shopping at thrift stores because I can always find cool and unique items that add pizzazz to my wardrobe,” Johnston said.

Senior Carol-Anne Collins tries to dress up for school. She likes to stay trendy by shopping at relevant and popular stores located in Peachtree City.

Carol-Anne Collins

Floral prints

“I chose to wear this outfit because I wanted to look cute to help keep me awake on a Monday,” senior Carol-Anne Collins said.

Collins bought her outfit at American Eagle. This store is popular among Starr’s Mill students because of the reasonable prices and charming clothes. Collins’ floral top and ripped jean skirt display a popular look seen in the back-to-school outfits this month. Her shoes are versatile and classic for the back-to-school season. Collins frequents, in addition to American Eagle, the jeweler and boutique Francesca’s.

“They both have cute trendy clothes that I find flattering,” Carol-Anne Collins said.

By dressing down, Senior Caroline Crockett gives a good example of how someone can wear comfortable clothing and still look stylish.

Caroline Crockett

Comfortably chic

“I shop at many different stores like Madewell and Jack Wills for my school clothes,” senior Caroline Crockett said.

Crockett’s outfit perfectly embodies the comfort chic style that has been seen throughout the Mill this month. Her cardigan and flowy printed blouse are good transition pieces from summer to autumn. Her slip-on shoes are comfortable and sensible for a long day at school. Crockett tries to shop at places that sell relaxed clothes that are perfect for the school day.

“I chose this outfit because it’s cute but it’s also really comfy so it’s a win-win,” Crockett said.

Senior Sarah Grace Collins enjoys shopping outside of Peachtree City and Fayetteville so that she is able find clothing not typically seen around the Mill. Collins stays true to her own style by wearing clothes that embody her personality and stand out in a crowd.

Sarah Grace Collins

Patterned pants

“I wore this outfit because it’s comfy yet stylish,” senior Sarah Grace Collins said.

Collins is trying to make an effort to wear more than a t-shirt and athletic shorts this year. Her romper, from Urban Outfitters, follows the culotte and patterned trend from this past summer. Because this is one of Collins’ favorite pieces of clothing, she wears it often and in all seasons.

Collins likes to take risks with her outfits sometimes by wearing tall heels or mixing it up with her makeup. This is something that others would not be comfortable wearing on a typical school day. She is anticipating the trends pop up in her favorite stores in the coming seasons.

“I like to shop everywhere,” Sarah Grace Collins said. “I really like shopping when I travel because I can find things that other people can’t get here or in Atlanta.”

The back-to-school season allows students to express themselves through their choices of outfits. Wearing floral prints and jean shorts leaves the students reminiscent of summer. The cardigans and ripped jeans create a hopefulness for the trends that will come this fall.

As the school year continues, I am excited to see what unfolds in the world of fashion at Starr’s Mill.