Head over heels

Uniquely you


Alyson Phinney

When I choose to dress up, comfortable clothes and fun prints are my go-to. When shopping for clothes that truly fit your style, make sure to support local stores and boutiques to find something unique.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

The MET Gala took place last Monday and with the theme of “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” which allowed all of the attendees were dressed in extravagant editorial looks.

Be you and surround yourself with people who don’t judge.

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

Take actor Jared Leto, for example. He carried around a lifelike model of his own head. Nina Dobrev wore a 3D printed dress created by Zac Posen. The over-the-top theme gave designers the push they needed to be as crazy and fun as they wanted.

I wish that we could dress with the “Camp” mentality all the time. Everyone should be allowed to dress in any way that they want. They can be loud and bold. Colorful and vibrant. Whatever your heart desires. You should not be suppressed by the judgment of others.

In high school, it can be hard to dress in the way you want. There is this need to fit in and just be another person in the crowd.

If there is one thing that has stuck with me after four years in high school it’s that what other people think of you is not going to matter in the long run, because your true friends are going to accept you for who you are.

So wear that patterned dress with those heels, rock that brightly colored top and funky pants. Be you and surround yourself with people who don’t judge.

High school, while it is mainly a place to learn, is also a place to grow and discover yourself. Do not let someone’s harsh words or judgmental eyes taint your spirit and your self-improvement. Be uniquely you.

As the school year comes to an end, so does the “Head over Heels” column. Trends have had their ups and downs as the year moved on, and I have been so grateful to get to report on it all. I can proudly say that after four years, I have finally realized what it means to be uniquely myself.

So go out into the world confident in the person you are and in the person you are going to be. Impress people, not only with your style but with all of your beautiful characteristics.

Be the person you were truly meant to be and find that there are 7 billion people who will be wowed and jealous that you have the courage to be brilliant and beautifully you.