Golden Apple – October 2018

Jason Flowers


Annika Pepper

Tim Monihan from Farmers Insurance in Peachtree City poses with this month’s Golden Apple winner Jason Flowers. Flowers was selected for this award because of his personable teaching style, which helps him relate to his students.

Bekah Algaze, Staff Writer

Jason Flowers has been chosen as the recipient of October’s Golden Apple award sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

Flowers has been teaching for fifteen years, but this is only his second year at Starr’s Mill. Flowers teaches 10th grade World History and 11th grade U.S. History. Previous winner Adriah Williams selected Flowers as the recipient.

“In addition to teaching, he coaches volleyball and leads the aviation club,” Williams said. “We

came in at the same time, so I can appreciate all the things he’s taken on.”

Walking into Flowers’ classroom, there is a non-traditional arrangement of seats, which is one of the many approaches that he uses to connect with his students. The renovation that took place over the summer allowed Flowers to make wooden high tables.  

“I just try to create a different sense of the same way it’s always been,” Flowers said. “I want to give them a chance to feel relaxed, not that there’s less work to do, but maybe there’s just a better feeling doing it.”

I want to give [students] a chance to feel relaxed, not that there’s less work to do, but maybe there’s just a better feeling doing it.

— Golden Apple recipient Jason Flowers

Flowers’ teaching style also helps him to teach students effectively. Because he knows that all students absorb information in different ways, he tries to  learn as much as he can about his students. This helps him plan the best way to teach.

Flowers also shows his students how current events connect to historical events. He tries to relate whatever he teaches to trending topics happening in today’s society.

As the Golden Apple winner for this month, Tim Monihan and Farmers Insurance in Peachtree City awarded Flowers with $100 to spend on school supplies.  Flowers plans to use his $100 on a coffee maker, so his students can have the opportunity to enjoy coffee while learning history.