Golden Apple – October 2019

Hope Via


Annika Pepper

This month’s Golden Apple winner Hope Via stands with Tim Monihan from Farmers Insurance. Via. Via teaches early childcare classes at the Mill.

Hope Via has been chosen as this month’s Golden Apple winner presented by Tim Monihan and Farmers Insurance. Previous Golden Apple winner Wendy Willoughby chose Via as this month’s recipient. 

“I find it very impressive that she’s an excellent teacher for high school students and for preschool students,” Willoughby said. “She does a good job assessing them on the things that they need to know to be effective in a childcare situation.”

Via has been teaching at the high school level for 15 years. She previously taught at childcare centers and at technical colleges. Via currently teaches the early childhood education pathway. 

Via is passionate about teaching and believes that its impact truly affects others. She believes that “Your attitude determines everything.”

“I like to give lots of positive feedback mixed in with some motivation when we need it,” Via said.

Tim Monihan from Farmers Insurance partnered with Starr’s Mill to each month’s Golden Apple recipient. Each recognized teacher is given a $100 donation to help fund and improve instruction.

Via already purchased supplies from the $100 donation from Farmers Insurance. The donation went toward a speaker and a hot glue gun. Since Via is also in charge of the schools’ daycare, some of the funds were used to install safety locks on the door handles for kids.