Panther Perspectives

What color represents you?

Freshman Nick Ercole

“Blue. It shows all aspects of life and life is about being happy.”

Freshman Madison McKoy

“Light blue. It’s peaceful and goes with the flow, like the sky goes with the flow of clouds, and I just go with the flow like people do.


Freshman Lars Turfler

“Red. It’s used in a lot of different things and you can find it pretty much everywhere. You can find it in nature as well as the setting sun or a volcano. It’s a symbol of blood and violence or a symbol of something nice like nature.”

Sophomore Annaliese Brown

“Purple. I’m interesting.”

Sophomore Maggie Kluemper 

“Yellow. I’m a positive and happy person.”

Sophomore Saisri Mandapaka 

“Blue. I like to think that I’m a studious person, and blue is studious.”

Junior Alec Owens

“Green. My car is green and everyone knows that I have that car so I’m green.” 

Junior Azariah Pope 

“Black and white. I think of a lot of things like the yin and yang that have a balance and I enjoy being open-minded to all possibilities.”

Junior Aaron Sebastia

“Red. I see it as a pure and challenging color.”

Senior Nicholas Diaz

“Yellow. It is very radiant.”

Senior Kaden Milne

“Blue. [It] is a very chill color.”

Senior Josh Sims

“Yellow. I am always in a good mood and like to make people happy.”