Panther Perspectives

If you were Principal Allen Leonard for a day, what would you change?

Freshman Alex Coxton

I would do a devious lick to all the kids to get back at them for breaking the sink. It would be taking all the vending machines.

Freshman Luke Nuescher

I would change the dress code, because I have friends who get dress-coded everyday. 

Freshman Zach Peavyhouse

I would give students the choice to do homework or not, I would let them exempt one period of their choice a day, and all students would be required to participate in one after school club.

Sophomore Carson Brownell

I would change the dress code rules. I would also change the times in between periods [and make them] longer.

Sophomore Caroline Craddock

I would make sure no teacher gave any homework, no masks, [students] can leave campus to get lunch, and free ice cream. 

Sophomore Hannah Thompson

I would change the dress code, because it is unfair and stupid.

Junior Becca Carper

I would change the dress code, because it’s not fair for all students at SMHS.

Junior Ansley Leonard

I would change the travel time in between classes. They should be seven minutes instead of five.

Junior Kathryn Norton

I would change the dress code, because it targets certain people’s bodies more than others. 

Senior Kathryn Lehman 

I would try and grow my hair back.

Senior Bella McDonald 

I would let seniors leave for lunch, because they should have special perks for their last year.

Senior Marc Stampley 

First, I would ban all essays, because honestly no one really likes writing those. Second, no more homework because your school work should be done at school. Third, you can wear your bookbag. Fourth, you can wear hoodies and stuff like that.