Panther Perspectives

If you could live the life of any fictional character, who would you be?

Freshman Kendra Anderson

I would be Aunt Cass from “Big Hero 6.” I would want to be her because she’s really hot and owns a cat café, and I’ve always wanted short wavy hair. 

Freshman Page Barksdale

I would be Annabeth Chase, because she’s super smart and she has a hot boyfriend. 

Freshman Ansley Strandburg

I would be Nala from “The Lion King.” She is playful, spunky, and a leader, and I like to think I’m like her too.

Sophomore Lily Galloway

Chewbacca, because [he is in] “Star Wars.” He is big and funny, and he has guns.

Sophomore Karla Plymel

Anastasia because of the time period, finding her family, the Russian scenery, and the outfits.

 Sophomore Rachel Reininger

Bokuto, because I can keep playing volleyball.

Junior Alex Light

The Flash because he is super fast, and I like fast stuff. He is an all around cool character.

Junior Jacob Miranda

Harry Potter, because he can use magic.

Junior Diego Rossello

I would like to be Superman, because I would like to have the ability to fly.


Senior Peyton Burch

I’d be Spider-man, because swinging on buildings would be so cool.

Senior Isabelle Medders

I’d probably say Mable Pines because it’s so much like regular everyday life mixed in with magic, and getting to explore the forest.

Senior Paige Panos

Kim Possible, because I want to go on adventures and look cool doing it.