Panther Perspectives

How would you describe ‘Starr’s Mill blue’?

Freshman Emily Aguilera-Morton

It’s like a mix between white, a light blue, and a little bit of gray, because it’s not like a perfect light blue. It’s a little bit of a baby blue.” 

Freshman London McKeehan

Starr’s Mill blue is like a baby blue mixed with like a light-dark blue, and it’s like light and blue and calm.

Freshman Nyasia Merritt-Carrington

I feel like the Starr’s Mill color blue is a dark blue mixed with a white that turns into a light blue.

Sophomore Rasheed Harper 

The color blue makes Starr’s Mill look victorious.

Sophomore Blake Necessary

The color blue represents how it makes the students at Starr’s Mill more academic.

Sophomore Conor Stone 

It represents the school pretty well and goes perfectly [with] pride.

Junior Julie Iyamu

I think it represents a sky. There’s light blue, which is like in the morning, and there’s dark blue, which is like at night.

Junior Azariah Pope

The Starr’s Mill color blue can represent a wide array of things like the diversity of the kids at our school [and] how we have so many different creative programs and creative students.

Junior Anaya Walls

I say the color blue of our school represents the inspiration we have in our teachers and our students, giving all the students opportunities to be themselves and choose which career path they would like to go into.

Senior Simone Bates

I would describe Starr’s Mill blue as like school spirit. You see it on our uniforms for games and at football games, and it’s a really good color to describe ourselves.

Senior Sean Collins

I would describe Starr’s Mill blue as a mix of Carolina blue and royal blue.

Senior Cayleigh Fitzsimmons

Um, it’s solid. I’m not really sure what shade it is.