Panther Perspectives

What is your favorite Thanksgiving meal dish?

Freshman Blerta Basha

Honestly, it’s the mash potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce, because it’s really tasty, sweet, and my mom makes them the best. 

Freshman Lizzy Cole

Mash potatoes, but they have to have some of the skin in them because I’ve had that for Thanksgiving every single year. I make them for the family.

Freshman Kylie Domangue

Turkey because you can put gravy on it, and it can always taste really good with everything.

Sophomore Roxie Hellewell

“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is an entrée my aunt makes called clam dip. It is a hot dip made from clams, cream cheese, sour cream, and spices. My aunt serves it in a bread bowl, and we like to dip pieces of sourdough bread in it.

Sophomore Rowena McKeogh

My favorite Thanksgiving meal dish is the turkey. It has lots of flavor, especially with a little bit of gravy on it.

Sophomore Luciana Montillo

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely mac and cheese, because I like the flavor of it and the cheesiness in it. We make our own mac and cheese.

Junior Jacob Miranda 

Mash Potatoes, because I like the way they taste, and I love gravy.

Junior Annabella Orndorff

I always like pumpkin pie, because my dad has a recipe that has been handed down for generations.

Junior Camdyn Sweatt 

Pumpkin pie, because I love pumpkin, and desserts are my favorite.

Senior Sophia Bernardi

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is mac & cheese. I’m a really picky eater, and that’s just noodles and cheese.

Senior Kacey Harris

Turkey, because it’s a family tradition.

Senior Camie Stuckey 

My mom’s squash casserole and some turkey, because the flavor just melts in my mouth.