Panther Perspectives

What life do you picture yourself living after high school?

Freshman Zariyah Dogan

The city girl life. I’m going to move to New York and go to college there, and I’m going to move in with someone.

Freshman Caden McKinney

The 0.5 best “Fortnite” player, above Steven.

Freshman Steven Perry

I want to be the best “Fortnite” player in the world.

Sophomore Tegan Dozier

I really don’t know right now. 

Sophomore Maiah Pamor

I will probably take a year off. Right after that I’ll go to college. I might also get a job to balance it all out.

Sophomore Rachel Reininger

I see myself playing volleyball overseas in Europe. That would be nice.

Junior Courtney Caplan

I want to be a pilot. I want to go to college, attend flight school.

Junior Makenzie DeBoer

I hope I go to college and study nursing and specialize in psychology nursing.

Junior Sebastian Galla

I would like to do something in biology, like with animals. I like working at the Atlanta zoo. I volunteer there, and it is just really cool to help the animals.

Senior Kandyce Douglas

I picture being a regular college student trying to get a degree. 

Senior Christine Jackson

I picture a life of happiness and healthiness, mentally and physically, and financial freedoms and fame and fortune.

Senior Levi Stratton

I plan to be a welder.