Panther Perspectives

If you could switch lives with someone, who would you choose?

Freshman Ella Griswold

If I could switch lives with someone, I would probably switch lives with someone in a different time period briefly to just see how accurate our historical records are.

Freshman Sarah Saltos 

I would switch lives with my sister, because I really admire her job and I think she has a lot of freedom.

Freshman Autumn Wheeler

Oh, Bill Gates, [because] he’s rich.

Sophomore Zahra Castillo

Zendaya, because she’s a singer and an actress.

Sophomore Anna Krabsen Jensen

My mom, because I can stay home all day. 

Sophomore Max Prozny

A baseball player, because it would be a fun job.

Junior Austin Cummings 

I would like to be anyone else for a day, because I am grounded. 

Junior Ethan Ivey

I would be Joe Biden for a day to lower gas prices.

Junior Kat Norton 

I would be Kim Kardashian, because she is rich.

Senior Kandyce Douglas 

I don’t think I would want to switch with anyone, because you never know what someone else is going though.

Senior Kamdyn Kasler

I would want to be Suni Lee, because she has a normal college life and she won the Olympics.

Senior Ashley Ledford

I would want to switch with Kendal Jenner. She is pretty cool.