Panther Perspectives

In what winter Olympic sport would you want to win gold?

Freshman Adam Birgl

Skiing. When I was 12, I went to a ski resort, and I actually had fun.

Freshman Ryan Carle

Bobsledding. I always thought it was cool with all the techniques, the ways of running, and the way the wind blows past your hair.

Freshman Alex Coxton

Snowboarding. The halfpipe thing is so cool.

Sophomore Avrey Bradley

Figure skating. It’s most similar to dance I believe. 

Sophomore Camryn  Meeks

Figure skating. It’s cool [with] the awesome tricks they do.

Sophomore Karla Plymel

Ice skating. I think it’s a really cool sport, and I have been ice skating. It’s really fun.

Junior Wesley Bardo

Luge. I’ve actually had a lot of fun doing that when I am out with my grandparents.

Junior Jada Powell

Figure Skating. The jumps and turns seem like so much fun.

Ezekiel Saint-Preux

Snowboarding. It’s like skateboarding, and it’s all about streamlining [the skill].

Senior Anna Kirby

Snowboarding. It is cool.

Senior Elizabeth Miller

Speed skating. It is fast.

Senior Camie Stuckey

Hockey. I love ice skating.