Panther Perspectives

What are your expectations for yourself in your sophomore, junior, senior, or freshman year in college?

Freshman Lilliana Burrows

I think it will be more challenging, because I’m taking harder classes but also more fun because I’m not a freshman anymore.

Freshman Ava Lewandowski

I guess my expectations are to do better than I did this year and to improve on what I messed up.

Freshman Grace Weatherly

It would be a tad bit more challenging than freshman year because I’m going to be taking harder classes, but I still think it will be relatively easy.

Sophomore Tani Alofe

I would like to get better grades and make it into varsity basketball.

Sophomore Hannah Thompson

I hope to make it onto the varsity volleyball team.

Sophomore Adaleigh Weber

I would like to have better time management. I would also like to make some friends.

Junior Mary Carter

I really expect to make at least 90s in all of my classes, and keep all of my grades as high as possible in order to achieve that HOPE scholarship.

 Junior Lauren Clutchey

Do my work more often than I have been and get better grades and graduate. 

Junior Parker Gotshaw Hill

Focus more on academics but also not get away from my own self care routine.

Senior Ciran Donahue

Not having to wake up at 7:30 a.m.

Senior Davian Jean-Paul

Experiencing life.

Senior Marc Stampley

Start college and start college football, and see the new experiences college holds for me and just how that is going to go.