Panther Perspectives

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Freshman Adam Birgl

I’m looking forward to vacations and playing video games all day.

Freshman Elizabeth Cole

I’m looking forward to having a less busy schedule, so I can hang out with my friends.

Freshman Damien Thompson

What I’m looking forward to this summer is not being here and doing work so I can have more time with friends and playing video games.

Sophomore Vailana Antonucci

Getting to relax and hanging out with my friends all the time.

Sophomore Liam Ruppert

I won’t have school, so I will get to sleep in, and I’m going on a Philmont trip.

Sophomore Emily Steele

I’m most excited to go to Chile to visit my family, because I haven’t seen them in a long time due to COVID restrictions.

Junior Shaila Bah

The many concerts that I am going to in July. I am seeing 5 Seconds of Summer and The Weeknd.

Junior Austin Cummings

Hanging out with friends and playing more golf.

Junior Tru Robbins

I am most looking forward to my beach trip to 30A with my friends.


Senior Peyton Burch

Moving into my dorm at college, so I can finally start to live on my own.

Senior Chloe Millsapps

Getting time with my friends before I go to college and buying stuff for my dorm.

Senior Kaitlin Minter

[Moving] to a new place and [setting] up my new dorm room.