Panther Perspectives

What is your favorite class so far this school year?

Freshman James Bender 

My favorite class at the moment is Introduction to Aerospace with Coach Meyer. I really like that class because he really engages with the class. He creates a very relaxed environment, but it’s also interesting and he covers the content well.

Freshman Maddy Johnson

My favorite class is probably AP Human Geography, because we can be very serious in that class but we can also have a lot of fun. We’re learning about things like culture and geographical locations that I’ve been wanting to study.

Freshman Lydia Laughlin 

My favorite class is Nutrition and Wellness because the teacher is really sweet. I love Mrs. Williams. And we also get to learn about proper nutrition and skills that we can use later on in life as well as cooking and baking treats.

Sophomore Adam Birgl

I like my math class because the teacher is good and I have a lot of friends in that class.

Sophomore Chris Clarke

My favorite class is chemistry because I like the material and I have a lot of friends in there.

Sophomore Andrew Schmidt

My favorite class is AP World because I like the material, the teacher, and Crash Course History.

Junior Vailana Antonucci

Audio video and tech film is my favorite because it’s more of the stuff I want to do. I am into filming and acting and editing.

Junior Roxie Hellewell 

My favorite class so far is AP U.S. History because I like learning about the U.S. before it was made.

Junior Rowena McKeogh 

My favorite class is chorus, because we get to do fun songs.

Senior Valentina Diaz

I like Mrs. Williams’ class and my work-based learning at the hospital. Mrs. Williams’ class because I get to do more now that I’m in the fourth year, and the hospital because it’s fun.

Senior Faith Jones

My favorite class has to be Mrs. Sweeney, because she helps me a lot with math. I really don’t like math, but she makes it really, really fun.

Senior Sara Morris

I would say AP Art History. I like looking at different art, like interpreting it.