Panther Perspectives

If you could only eat or drink one fall treat all year, what would it be?

Freshman Z Hayek

It would have to be some sort of pumpkin pie because pumpkin just slaps. It makes it feel like fall. 

Freshman William Kessler

Probably chili because you can have different types of chili and warm tea because it makes you sleepy.

Freshman Taylor Preble

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I enjoy pumpkin and it’s also a childhood memory. 

Sophomore Kaitlyn Horton

I would eat the pumpkin muffins my mom makes, because I like the texture of them.

Sophomore Gavin Huempfner

I would eat pumpkin cake all year, because it tastes delicious.

Sophomore Clara Robbins

I would eat pumpkin cookies, because they are very good and they have a nice shape.


Junior Rachel Harville

Pumpkin creme cold brew with brown sugar from Starbucks, because I really like the taste of it. It’s just amazing to me.

Junior Didi Stone

Definitely the pumpkin spice latte. It’s just classic and so good.

Junior Matias Van Huffel

I would probably eat pumpkin pie the entire time, because you can have it with ice cream or Cool Whip.

Senior Allyssa Daigle

I think mine would probably be a pumpkin spiced latte but with caramel.

Senior Craig Hutchinson

Probably apple cider. You can drink it hot or lukewarm, and it’s nice and sweet.

Senior Benny Weston

My mother gets this pumpkin-shaped pasta from TJ Maxx. The texture of the cooked pumpkin-shaped pasta is immaculate. It’s also made of vegetables, so it’s even nutritious.