Panther Perspectives

If you could start a fall fashion trend, what would it be?

Freshman Sofia Lombardo

Oversized sweaters, because they’re really comfy and cute.

Freshman Amaya Mendizabal

Beanies, because they keep my head warm.

Freshman Kimberly Palmer

Pigtails, they’re so fun and remind me of my childhood.

Sophomore Christopher Clarke

I would say sweatpants are good for fall fashion, because they keep you nice and warm.

Sophomore Elizabeth Cole

Orange and fall color jackets, because they look nice.

Sophomore Delani Gatson

Cargo pants, because they are cool.

Junior Jack Early

Sweaters and jeans, because it’s fall and it’s cold.

Junior Jenna MacNaughton

Fall-colored flannels, because it gets cold, and I feel like they’re in style.

Junior Bianca Reyes-Cruz

The Birkenstock Boston Clogs, because I’ve seen them on TikTok and they seem comfortable.

Senior Alexis Arias

I’d want everyone to come to school with Halloween pajamas, because Halloween is the best holiday.

Senior Janni Carter

I think we should bring back leg warmers, because they’re super cute and my legs get cold. I think they’re cute with dresses and skirts.

Senior Abigael David

Fancy cardigans, because I am a big cardigan person and I think they need to be appreciated more.