Panther Perspectives

What is your favorite fall movie?

Freshman Ella Greenberg

The best fall show or television series is any of the “Friends” fall episodes.

Freshman Sloane Hudgens

My favorite fall [show] is “Gilmore Girls.”

Freshman Madison Strunk

Pretty much any horror movie, but I like “Scream” because I like horror movies.

Sophomore Matthew Burdekin

“The Nightmare Before Christmas,” because it is a movie I have been watching for a long time. It is just a classic.

Sophomore Ethan Chiumento

Probably “Scream,” because it fits the Halloween mood and everything. I like to watch it whenever fall comes around.

Sophomore Tucker Hawkins

Friday the 13th” is the best fall movie. It has a great plot and great action. They are making a new one to go along with it, and it is going to be good.

Junior Andrew Hamilton

My favorite fall movie is “Halloween,” because it is scary and they come out with a lot of new movies. I also like watching it with my friends.

Junior Lauren McSpadden 

My favorite fall movie is “Charlie Brown,” because that is what I grew up [watching] when I was younger.

Junior Hailey Watkins

“Matilda” is a great fall movie. It gives a sense of family, which is celebrated during Thanksgiving and a little bit of horror for Halloween.

Senior Blake Fenton

My favorite fall movie is “Hocus Pocus,” because I love the witches. 

Senior Alex Light

My favorite fall movie is “The Strangers: Prey at Night,” because it is a good horror movie to start off fall. 

Senior Andi Whitlock

My favorite fall movie is “Girl vs. Monster,” because Luke Benward is in it.