Panther Perspectives

What is your favorite Homecoming dress up day?

Freshman Finn Harris

Character Day, because you can let your creativity go wild. 

Freshman Amaya Mendizabal

Character Day, because you can dress up however you want.

Freshman Cameron Turner

Character Day, because I am going to be a Spider-man.

Sophomore William Gaudet

Spirit Day, because it is a good chance to show school spirit.

Sophomore Cason Harrah

My favorite this week is Character Day, because I feel like it is the most creative out of all the five. 

Sophomore London McKeehan

It is Country [Day], because I can dress like a corn farmer.

Junior Rachel Harville

I think this year it might be Country vs. Country Club, because I just think it is going to be so funny.

Junior Kara Simpson

I like Decades Day. I think it is fun. It is fun seeing all the different views and how people interpret it. 

Junior Thariyah Suleiman

Spirit Day because I get to wear blue, and blue is one of my favorite colors.

Senior Kirnu Hwang

Character Day, [because] people can get a lot more creative.

Senior Juliana Matey

Character Day, [because] I love to see all the characters that everyone is interested in.

Senior Michelle Phan

Adam Sandler Day, [because] I love what people have done with it.