Panther Perspectives

What is one thing you would change about Starr’s Mill?

Freshman Ella Greenberg

It would be to have no phone pouches, because I would like to use my device in class if I ever needed an emergency contact.

Freshman Evelyn Isaacs

I would make P.E. not mandatory, because it’s a waste of time.

Freshman Anna McFaddin

I would change the 10/10 rule, because that way we wouldn’t have to miss the middle of class to go to the bathroom.

Sophomore Zach Bennett

I think I would change how strict everything is, because it feels like especially with last Homecoming that they made it more strict than the freshman year.

Sophomore Ashlee Johnson

One thing I would change about the school is allowing kids to keep their phone in the class. Maybe there is an emergency and they have to call home because some things could happen at school.

Sophomore Derrian Maxey

I would change the 10/10 rule because I don’t think that kids should hold their bladder. Not only is that hurting the students, but that’s making the students not like the school more.

Junior Erin Cullen

I would change the 10-10 rule. The whole 10 minutes at the beginning and 10 minutes at the end is the most important time of class that we’ll be missing. The time in between classes isn’t long enough for us to use the bathroom.”

Junior Cole McCarthy

I would want better school lunches and more options for food. I would want more than just milk to drink and have water that we don’t have to pay for.

Junior Alexis Sullivan

I would change the dress code, because I feel like people don’t even notice it. I feel like there’s nothing wrong with showing shoulders because everyone has shoulders.

Senior Mary Carter 

I would get rid of the 10/10 rule, because sometimes it can be hard to use the bathroom between classes.

Senior Mary Doyle 

I would add paper towels to all of the student bathrooms in the school, because the air dryers are not as sanitary. 

Senior Joey Lavallo

I would change the amount of time we spend at school, because we are kept here for way too long.