Panther Perspectives

When do you begin preparing for Christmas?

Freshman Jonesty Dubuche

December, because that is when Christmas was supposed to start. It always starts in December for me, but for other people it may not.

Freshman Joshua Jiang

December, because winter. 

Freshman Heidi Locker

November, because Christmas the spirit for me is all the way, and it is no longer the spooky season.

Sophomore Abby McSpadden

It definitely begins after Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday, and I hate how it is ignored. We should concentrate all the Christmas spirit after Thanksgiving.

Sophomore Nyasia Merritt-Carrington

I think the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving, because my culture of African Americans love soul food, and that is what we use for thanks. I think that Christmas should come after Thanksgiving, respectfully.

Sophomore Leo Vines

The Christmas season for me starts in December, because that is when Christmas.

Junior Andrew Hamilton

I put my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween. My family gets into the Christmas spirit by playing music around the house, because it makes us happy.

Junior Rasheed Harper

Right after Thanksgiving, because it feels more like Christmas when there are lots of Black Friday sales going on.

Junior Pete West

Right after Halloween. I start to listen to Christmas music, because there is no festive music to listen to during Thanksgiving.

Senior Alexis Arias

After October 31, because it is Christmas. Thanksgiving you sit there and eat. It is not that memorable.

Senior Abby David

[We start] celebrating after Thanksgiving, but we set up after October 31.

Senior Lily Pelfrey

After Thanksgiving is the best time to start celebrating Christmas, because after Halloween is too early.