Panther Perspectives

How is your New Year’s resolution going so far?

Freshman Makenna Earp

To improve on my work ethic. It’s going okay, [but] I’m working really hard to achieve my goal.

Freshman Annabelle Stoker

I’d like to make straight A’s this year because it would really help with [getting into] colleges. It’s going pretty good. And I want to not procrastinate, and turn my work in on time.

Freshman Alexa Walters

My New Year’s resolution is to read my Bible more often, but it’s not really going great because people like to be on FaceTime calls for long hours.

Sophomore Mia Brown

My New Year’s resolution is to make the varsity team for track, and it is going really good.

Sophomore Jeremiah Potter

My New Year’s resolution is to get better grades, and it has been going good so far.

Sophomore Olivia Shaw

My New Year’s resolution is to get better grades, and so far it is going good.

Junior Ellie Hartley

To get through twenty-five books on my reading list. It’s not going well, because I haven’t started yet.

Junior Vaishnavi Jayakumar

My New Year’s resolution is to try to be more positive and look on the brighter side of things. It’s going pretty well. Obviously, I have days where it’s just not going well, but I’m still doing pretty good. The other part of it is to be kinder to myself, and that’s going pretty well, too.

Junior Ava Newell

My New Year’s resolution is to improve my time management skills and be more focused. It’s going well so far. I’ve made efforts to make sure I’m doing my homework first and to get away from any distractions to make sure I do everything in a timely manner.

Senior Dylan Augilera

My New Year’s resolution is to get better at rock climbing. So far it’s been going good.

Senior Ethan Augilera

This year, my New Year’s resolution is to workout more. So far I’d say it’s going pretty well. I’m working out more and eating healthier.

Senior William Hampson

My New Year’s resolution was to start taking better care of myself. I would say it’s going very well so far, and I feel much better overall. For example, I’ve started a morning routine which has helped prepare me mentally and physically, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment early in the day.