Panther Perspectives

What upcoming TV show or movie are you looking forward to watching?

Freshman Courtney Blanks

“John Wick 4” because the last three movies were really good.

Freshman Jonesty Dubuche

I don’t have an upcoming movie, but a movie I do want to watch is the new “Avatar” because the first movie was very good. 

Freshman Heidi Locker

I’m excited to see “John Wick 4,” because I really liked the first three and it’s a story about vengeance. I think it’s a really good story and Keanu Reeves is really cool.

Sophomore Maddie Hoyer

“Grey’s Anatomy,” because I want to be a doctor when I’m older.

Sophomore Camryn Knight 

I’m excited for “Outer Banks” season three, because it ended on a cliff hanger last season. I’m so excited.

Sophomore London McKeehan

I’m excited to watch “Magic Mike: Last Dance,” because I love Magic Mike and think he’s really pretty.

Junior Rowena McKeogh

I have been wanting to watch the “Avatar” movie, definitely because the other “Avatar” movie was great and the animation was great. My dad and I have been wanting to watch it for a while.

Junior Lauren McSpadden

I’ve been wanting to watch the new “National Treasure” TV show, because I am a huge fan of the “National Treasure” movies, and I’ve heard great things about it. It’s not really based on the movies, but it pays respect to them.

Junior Hannah Thompson

The new “Avatar” [movie]. I’ve seen the first one and it was really good.

Senior Sofia Gonzalez

I am excited for “The Mandalorian” season three, because “The Mandalorian” is the best Star Wars show and Pedro Pascal is a really good actor.

Senior Stephen Haycock

I am looking forward to “Antman: Quantum Mania,” because it’s going to set up Marvel for the next few years.

Senior Parker Hill

I am looking forward to the third “Avatar” movie, because I grew up on the original one and me and my dad would watch it. I personally love the second one and am looking forward to seeing what James Cameron does with the third one.