Panther Perspectives

What’s the most valuable gift you could receive for Valentine’s Day?

Freshman Anna Bruijn

“Something personal because it means more than just something that is whatever.”

Freshman Olivia Grace

“Kind words because they last longer than material things.”

Freshman Maiya Lybbert

“A nice hand-written letter or card, because it’s nice to receive, and makes you feel good.”

Sophomore Shannon Callaghan

“Flowers, because they’re very considerate and they last for while, and they’re pretty.”

Sophomore Tori Poliak

“ Chocolate, because it tastes good.” 

Sophomore Emma Via

”A homemade gift because it’s personal and meaningful.” 

Junior Angelize Archer 

“Candles, because they smell good.” 

Junior Karissa Dahn 

“I guess I would want something thoughtful. You also can’t really go wrong with flowers or candy.” 

Junior Rowena McKeogh 

“The most valuable gift I could receive for Valentine’s Day is anything that reminds someone of me because it lets me know that they are thinking about me, which I find very sweet.

Senior Abigael David

“I like roses, no particular color. I’m also a big sour candy person.”

Senior Mary Doyle

“Probably some white roses, some chocolate, and dinner.”

Senior MaKyla James

“I want money, so I can get what I want on Valentine’s Day.”