Panther Perspectives

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Freshman Finn Harris

“I would love to meet Zendaya. She’s just a beautiful girl, and I’d love to hear what her story is and how she made it to fame.”

Freshman Aidan Muschamp

“The most famous person I’ve met is Mrs. Shoemaker. I was going to a volleyball game and she was sitting there and I said ‘Oh my gosh! My brother told me about you!’ and then we took a picture together.”

Freshman Addison Rogers

“I met Connor Jones, the Tik Toker. I was walking in St. Simons and I saw him and just said ‘Connor?’ and he turned around and we took a picture.”

Sophomore Max Gasko 

“I met Tom Holland at Comic-Con when I was in sixth grade.”

Sophomore Mo Macias 

“[I met] Devin Booker at a Suns game.” 

Sophomore London Mckeehan 

“The most famous person I’ve met was Larray from Tik Tok. I went to his concert for ‘First Place,’ and I did a meet and greet with him.”

Junior Xander Lopez

I met Charles Martinet who is the voice actor for the Super Mario Brothers. I saw him at a convention in Atlanta. He’s a super chill dude. He was super nice, and we had a very small conversation.”

Junior Ava Newell

“I met one of the main actors from The Walking Dead in the parking lot at TCBY once. He asked me for directions to a store, and I didn’t know he was famous until a father and son came up to ask for a picture with him. He seemed like a pretty normal dude. He was nice.”

Junior Joanne Yi

“I met the director of The Godfather, Francis Coppola. I met him because a past boyfriend of mine invited me to dinner with him.”

Senior Allyssa Daigle

“I didn’t technically meet them, but I saw Millie Bobby Brown eating at Positanos at the Avenue.”

Senior Grace Jorgensen

“I met Luke Holmes at a concert.”

Senior Onyx Robinson

“I met Tyler Perry when I was at Kroger in downtown Atlanta.”