Panther Perspectives

What are your strategies for managing the stress that accompanies the end of the school year and exams?

Freshman Ouisie McCaskill

“I don’t, it’s just a lot of caffeine and power naps that take about 4 hours.”

Freshman Addy Grace Morrison

“I usually just play sports to deal with it.”

Freshman Luciana Salas

“I go to the gym with my friend and ignore the fact that we have to study.”

Sophomore Zach Bennett

“Definitely waking up with a good attitude and lots of rest. Sleep is very important.”

Sophomore Dayvon Collier

“Better time management and the people around me like friends and family are really supportive.”

Sophomore Nick Madison

“Taking good notes, looking over past assignments, and making sure you know what you’re doing.”

Junior Sunny Anderson

“Towards the end of the school year I like to use a calendar to map out all of my assignments by dates and keep them on track.”

Junior Colton Cross

“I like to keep positive affirmations in my head.”

Junior Nicholas Steiner

“I spend time with friends and family.”

Senior Dylan Aguilera-Morton

“Lots of studying to make sure I pass all my classes. I honestly don’t really cope with it. I’m a senior, [so] I deal with it.”

Senior Jacob Free

“A lot of time management and getting enough rest to heal my body for the day’s work ahead, and continuing to persevere through the end of the school year until I graduate high school.”

Senior Kirnu Hwang

“I need to prioritize sleep and remember that it ain’t the end of the world if exams don’t go too well.”