Panther Perspectives

What course would you add at Starr’s Mill?

Freshman Maiya Lybbert

“I would create a sewing class, because it would be fun to learn those things and have those skills.”

Freshman Tobin Pullin

“A wood shop class, because I feel like we don’t have any really creative classes.”

Freshman Annabelle Stroker

”I would maybe make a class where it’s preparing you for college. Like actual preparations, because I have no idea what I’m going to do, like what stuff you need to buy, and how to make quick meals.”

Sophomore Grant Ferron

“I would create a soccer class with every player on the JV team and/or varsity team or anyone who plans to try out. This class can be where you practice for a little bit and build stronger bonds and connections with your teammates.”

Sophomore Maddie Hoyer

“I would say a class where we learn life skills like writing checks, how to do taxes, and how to save money or manage funds in a bank account. I think it would be very beneficial compared to some of the other material we learn, and they are valuable skills to have as we get older.”

Sophomore Autumn Isaac

”If I could create a class in Starr’s Mill it would be classes for all different cultures, so we can learn the beauty of what our beautiful ancestors did.”

Junior Nate Merriweather

“It would be a class where you can manage taxes and learn how to budget, because we need to learn how to do that type of stuff for when we are older.”

Junior Jorden Scott

“I would add study skills so people can learn how to study correctly and get their work done.”

Junior Abigail Thomas

“I think it would probably be something along the lines of agriculture because I am looking to go into forestry in college, and the only class here that has to do with that is environmental science.”