Panther Perspectives

If you can go anywhere or do anything this summer what would it be and why?

Freshman Finn Harris

“I would go to a nature site and go hiking, because I like hiking and being in the woods.”

Freshman Amaya Mendizabal

“I would go to the beach, because it’s my safe place.”

Freshman Cameron Turner

“I would want to go to Florida to just chill at the beach.”

Sophomore Page Barksdale

“I would probably go to Mexico, because my best friend is from Mexico and she always tells me how awesome it is. I could work on my Spanish and see all the beautiful stuff.”

Sophomore Gino Jean Paul

“[I would go to] Hawaii, because it’s a dream place of mine, and I would love to go there.”

Sophomore Zachary Secor

“I would go to New York, because it’s a big place and I’ve never been there before. I heard it’s very interesting.”

Junior Adesola Adepoju

“I would like to go sky diving, because its seems really fun. I have never done it before, and I just want to try something new.”

Junior Tani Alofe

“I would go to Dubai, because I just really enjoy the scenery there. Everything about it is just really nice and pretty.”

Junior Bianca Reyes

“I would like to go to Greece, because I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Senior Wesley Bardo

“I’d go to Spain, because I really like the culture and architecture.”

Senior Andres Martinez

“I’d probably go to Italy to just visit museums.”

Senior Haley Ross

“I would go to Panera. I love my job. They have bagels. I would make a little bagel tower.”