Speed limit change doesn’t change speeding drivers


Brayden Jenks

On Oct. 7, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners approved the change of the South Complex’s school zone speed limit to be reduced to 25 mph.

Brayden Jenks, News co-Editor

“I don’t like the slower speed limit because it slows me down when I’m running late,” junior Evan Torris said, “but at the same time it is beneficial because it helps people get onto Redwine from Robinson Road.”

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners discussed and approved the speed limit on Oct. 7 on Redwine Road in the school zone from 35 mph to 25 mph. In addition to this decrease, they lowered the speed limit on the entire road from 45 mph to 35 mph. This change had to have approval of the commissioners and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

“Personally I think that lowering the speed limit is a good idea on paper,” senior Emily Beardsley said, “but there are too many people who drive faster than the old speed limit and that isn’t exactly the safest change.”

The presence of speeding down Redwine was one of the reasons that the speed limit was lowered according the Fayette County Engineer Philip Mallon.

“I do not like the change because I already struggle to stay under 45 mph going down Redwine road,” senior Adam Paugh said.

Although the change doesn’t seem to affect students’ speeds, it did begin with good intentions.

“We wanted to slow travel speeds on Redwine Road around the school complex,” Mallon said. The intent to decrease the travel speeds around the school complex does have some student body supporters.

“I feel that it brings more safety to Redwine,” senior Maggie Beachle said. “There have been too many accidents on that road, and it’s good that they are doing something about it.”

Discussions about reducing the speed limit began when the commissioners and Fayette County Board of Education constructed the golf cart parking lot to bring golf cart access to the South Complex.

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The speed limit reduction is designed to help golf carts crossing Redwine at the Foreston Place subdivision crosswalk, where the county already added a crossing guard at the beginning and end of the school day.

“I think the speed limit should not have to be that low on non-school days,” said sophomore Joey Deluca, referring to the 35 mph change. Deluca takes his golf cart to school daily, and he doesn’t think the change has had a significant impact on his ability to cross the road.

Although some students think that the lower speed limit is beneficial, most agree that it is unnecessary, and some students don’t even follow it.