Clower’s kitchen sees change


Kristen Sherman

This stainless-steel, commercial-sized refrigerator is one of the new upgrades to Family Consumer Sciences teacher Cheryl Clower’s kitchen. Due to the age of the previous equipment and changes in the curriculum, the county funded this 15,000-dollar upgrade.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

Change is constant, and education is not exempt from change.  Starr’s Mill’s drama department certainly understands change.  The technology department has embraced the demands of its ever-upgrading discipline.  Now, it’s the culinary arts classes getting their own taste of change.

“The curriculum was also changing to where a residential kitchen was not sufficient enough for the way we run some of our classes,” culinary arts teacher Cheryl Clower said.

Over the summer, Clower’s family consumer sciences kitchen received a 15,000-dollar kitchen upgrade. This county-funded upgrade included two commercial sized refrigerators, convection ovens with glass top stoves, which includes a handicap stove, and three compartment sinks.

Every 8-10 years the county authorizes upgrades in departments, unless there is a specific reason within that time frame that makes the curriculum change.  For Clower’s kitchen, upgrades came because of the age of the equipment and changes in the curriculum.  

This upgrade replaced six stoves, four of which were coil burners and two were glass top, garbage disposals that were falling apart, single cavity ovens, microwaves, and four small refrigerators.

“This change is going to affect the students in a positive way and I’m excited to see everything the students are going to be able to learn this year and the years to come,” said Clower.