What did you wear to school today?

Board of Education revises student dress code


Katie Linkner

The Dress Code Committee met over the summer to discuss the student dress code. Changes to the dress code went into effect with the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

It is the student’s duty to dress accordingly for school to avoid distracting others. For this reason, Fayette County has changed the dress codes for all the Fayette County schools.

Out of the 16 parts of the dress code, 13 of them have been revised during the summer.

“I want the dress codes to have clear standards that [students] understand and is easily enforceable, that they can make decisions on what to buy, what to wear in the morning,” Coordinator for Safety, Athletics and Discipline Ted Lombard said.

There are two major changes to the dress codes. The first one is the four-finger test, where the sleeveless shirts must entirely cover the shoulders. Next, all the skirts, dresses, or shorts have to be above the mid-thigh or below the fingertips with arms to the side.

Parents who were not pleased about the student dress codes requested the changes. The dress code changes were recommended by the Dress Code Committee, which met on June 6, 2017.

Representatives from elementary, middle, and high schools, teachers, parents, administrators, and students all came to talk about the dress code changes. On July 18, after the dress code was revised, the Board of Education approved the changes.

“We had great input from our stakeholders, and that’s what we, the Board of Education has to do, and we provide that to them,” Lombard said.

There are students out there who have questions about what they can wear. The administration suggests that any clothes that are questionable for school should not be worn.