Celebrating the holidays with bi-partisanship

Clubs work together despite divisive dialogue in Washington


Submitted by Bailey Austin

Members of both the Young Democrats and Teen Republicans gather at the Holiday Social. The clubs enjoyed festive celebration while also preparing for the future.

Blythe Terry, A&E co-Editor

Between tax bills and resignations, it seems that Republicans and Democrats have more to fight about than ever. In light of this polarized time, the Young Democrats and Teen Republicans held their Holiday Social this week.

The event is part of an effort by sponsor Diane Ruane. Both clubs were founded last year, and there’s always been a vision of working together rather than increasing animosity.

At the social, club members engaged in a “White Elephant” gift exchange. Members each brought a small gift to contribute, holiday-themed lip-balms and coffee mugs among them. An array of snacks, including donuts and orange juice, were shared at the event, which hosted a handful of students from each club. “We’re just enjoying each other’s company,” Teen Republicans president Bailey Austin said.

That being said, the social wasn’t all pleasantries. The two clubs are also working in collaboration with the National Honor Society to collect bottled water for those in need. Officers of both the Teen Republicans and Young Democrats plan to bring supplies to an Atlanta women’s shelter in the coming week before semester break. This service project is in addition to work the clubs have done with local campaigns, including the Peachtree City Council election that also took place this Tuesday.

“With all the divisive words in D.C. right now, it’s good to have a coming together between two ideologically different parties,” Young Democrats president Tyler Holt said. “Because we have a lot in common as friends even though we’re split on our values.”

Both clubs will continue with meetings next semester, with Teen Republicans meeting Jan. 9 and the Young Democrats on Jan. 23.