Media center making space for robotics team


Shelby Foster

The Media Center will have a robotics makerspace team after the semester break. There will be an arena made in the media center for the robot battle that will take place during lunch sometime in February. An exact date for the competition has not been announced.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

It is great to apply knowledge to build creativity aside from just learning in a classroom. With that idea in mind, the media center will host a robotics makerspace team for students who are interested in robotics.

“I’m a big believer in bringing kids together, kids who are experts in something and share it with other students because that works really well,” media specialist Rick Wright said.

Freshman Craig Bardo, and sophomores William Swanson and Luke Wittbrodt, have already signed up and will lead the team.

Although Starr’s Mill already has a robotics team, the media center will have a robotics team for students who are not experts, but interested in robotics. The robots will be made using Legos and have a battle, like the TV show “BattleBots,” in February in the media center.

“It’s just a fun way to think scientifically, systematically about a problem,” Wright said. “It’s just a problem-solving exercise.”

The team will meet in one of the media center rooms to practice and build Lego robots beginning Jan. 8 from 7:45 to 8 a.m.

Anyone interested in joining the team can speak with Wright in the media center for more information.