Interact Club students exchange experiences


Submitted by Marcela Sample

Foreign exchange students Marta Merida and Angela Valdo Perez stand with their presentation after the Interact Club meeting. The students made a presentation about their home country, Spain, and how the country compares to the United States.

Valen Yeager, Staff Writer

For the last Interact Club meeting, Spanish exchange students Marta Merida and Angela Valdo Perez had a presentation on Spain and their experiences in the United States. The students detailed the process of getting to the United States and how the activities here have affected them.

“We also wanted to share our thoughts and reflections after this great experience in the United States and encourage the other members of the club to host or become an exchange student,” Perez said.

The students had to apply for the foreign exchange program in Spain, and after a long and detailed process, they made the journey here to Starr’s Mill. After spending a year here in Georgia, the exchange students are ready to recount their newfound experiences and bring them back to Spain.

Interact Club is focused on exposing students to individual responsibility and community involvement. Spanish teacher Marcela Sample sponsors the club that works toward improving students’ networking skills as well as meeting new people connected through one goal.

“Each month the meeting is something different, so I was like, ‘Why not do it there where people would be interested?,” Merida said.

This week’s Interact meeting was extraordinary in the fact that that the guest speaker, Dr. Chris Boehm was unable to attend, and the meeting went on with a presentation given by Marta and Angela.

Students in the club got to learn about the differences between Spain and the United States, as well as what Spain is like from a first-hand perspective. The presentation shined a light on the beauty of Spain and the deep-connection between the two countries.

“I’ve been able to learn a lot about professionals from the area and about the United States in general,” Perez said, “Interact Club is one of the many reasons why this experience as an exchange student has been amazing.”