12 students reaching for the ‘Starr’s’ at GHP


Brandi Meeks / Courtesy of @StarrsMillHS (Instagram)

Twelve Starr’s Mill students have moved on to the state level GHP competition. Top row left to right: Gabe Rogers, Henry Ravita, Ashley Callaghan, Ishani Peddi, Emily Hawkins, and Annabella Ellis. Bottom row left to right: Teja Pulagam, Amanda Robison, Noah Ellis, Jolie Lester, and Natalie Robichaux. (Not pictured Will Knowlton).

Mary Jane Gagliano, News Editor

On Thursday, Starr’s Mill administration released the names of 12 Starr’s Mill students who have moved on to the state level application process for the Governor’s Honors Program. 

“For us as a whole [the variety of nominations] show how well-rounded the school is,” assistant principal Brandi Meeks said. 

Three sophomores moved on — Teja Pulagam, Henry Ravita, and Amanda Robinson. Nine juniors advanced — Ashley Callaghan, Natalie Robichaux, Emily Hawkins, Jolie Lester, William Knowlton, Ishani Peddi, Noah Ellis, Annabella Ellis, and Gabe Rogers. 

GHP has been around since 1964 and provides students with the opportunity to grow in their nominated area of study and work with fellow students that have similar interests. In 2019, 618 students qualified to participate in GHP. 

“I’m passionate about social studies because I enjoy analyzing how systems such as government, the economy, and culture work together to produce successful societies,” Knowlton said. 

Science was the most represented subject from Starr’s Mill with three students advancing in that area of study. English, social studies, and German are all represented by two students each. Math, music, and Spanish each have one student moving on. 

“I want to research [at GHP] with peers that have the same passion and interests as myself,” Pulagam said. 

These 12 students will now begin an application process to continue on to the state level. If they move past that level they will take part in an interview process. If they pass all of these stages the students will be able to attend a four-week long experience at Berry College, where they will get to conduct research and learn with fellow GHP qualifiers.