Dancing for fun(ding)

Addie Ellison, Staff Writer

From learning different dances, continuous training, and competing throughout the southeast, the Pantherettes know how to showcase their abilities and talents. One of those talents is teaching regular athletes at Starr’s Mill to dance. 

Every year the dance team hosts “Dancing with the Pantherettes,” where regular athletes are chosen to learn a dance with the dance team. They perform a routine, prepared weeks in advance, on the Starr’s Mill stage in front of judges and their peers. The routines are ranked and the top three pairs are announced. All the money that is raised from the event goes to the dance team and their competitions. 

“It’s something we can have fun with, and it’s something that involves other sports to get them involved,” head coach Sandi Johnson said. “It’s just a fun way to earn money and show some spirit for the school.”

The Pantherettes choose their partners for their routines, and are responsible for choreographing, costuming, and rehearsing their dances. Johnson believes this will give the girls a sense of responsibility.

“[Dancing with the Pantherettes] means a lot to me. We really learn how to bond as a team. We also learn how to approach people. It’s hard to go up to people and ask them will you dance with me,” junior Myla Reardon said. Reardon and senior Trey Lee Orndorf danced to “A Lovely Night” from “La La Land.”

The night was led by the two emcees, seniors Scotty Hindy and Tamia Cowthorn. They introduced the routines and the two special guests, fellow seniors Olivia Wernecke and Xavier Yoder. They also drew the winners of the raffle which was two tickets to the Starr’s Mill production of “Bye Bye Birdie” in March.

“[Dancing with the Pantherettes] is a great way to get the Pantherettes some fame because their shows are really awesome,” said Hindy. “It’s good for people to see because it shows people this amazing program.”

The Pantherettes will use the funds raised to pay for all the upcoming expenses for all their competitions, costumes, transportation, and fees.