Your vote affects others


Hannah Ramirez

Starr’s Mill students Hannah Ramirez, Peter Beardsley, and Joshua Morales have entered a 30 second film contest in an effort to depict the dangers of riding without a seatbelt. In the video, Morales loses his friend (pictured) resulting from a failure to buckle in.

James Hindy, Staff Writer

Advanced Audio, Video Technology, and Film students Hannah Ramirez, Peter Beardsley, and Joshua Morales are currently in the running to win a video contest hosted by Georgia Public Broadcasting. 

Hannah Ramirez

Submissions to the contest were required to be before Nov. 10, under thirty seconds, and allude to the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt.

“Some of [the other students make short films] as a project but never submit, but Hannah’s group decided to actually submit it,” film teacher Patt Coleman said. “The committee decided on the top 20 and our school was in the top 20.”

Because “Your Actions Affect Other,” the short film directed by Ramirez, has made it past the initial stage of judges, the short is now subject to a popular vote. All of the competitors’ films have been uploaded to YouTube in an effort to turn the decision over to the public. 

“You have to click ‘like’,” Coleman said. “A lot of people have been watching it. We’ve got 800 views, but a lot of people have not been voting.” 

The popular vote will be key in helping the judges from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and GPB recognize the more distinctive videos. Cast your vote by clicking the “like” button before the Dec. 1 deadline.