Popping the ‘Bubble’


Gerald Byrnes

Crime has recently gone up in Peachtree City in the last couple of years. The Peachtree City Police Department suggests that people should be aware of their surroundings at all times and keep their belongings locked up.

Caroline Hubbard, Staff Writer

The Peachtree City ‘bubble,’ is known for being one of the safest towns in the area, but is that really true? 

There is not a whole lot of crime in Peachtree City, but the crime that is here has recently gone up since 2018.

 “[In Peachtree City] we don’t see as much major crime as you would in big cities, but we do see a lot of burglaries and entering autos,” Lieutenant J. Allen Stevens said.

Overall for Fayette County, the crime rates have gone down 26%. Whereas Peachtree City’s rates are up since 2018. For larcenies, such as shoplifting, auto, and theft, in 2019 Peachtree City had 359 accounts, but in 2018 Peachtree city had 296. 

“From our crime stats, [the police] continue to battle the issue of entering autos, shoplifting, and theft in the city,” Peachtree City Police Chief Janet Moon said. “Our larceny category has increased in 2019.” 

  The public must be aware of the crime rates so that they can try to prevent the crime from continuing. The higher the rates are the more danger civilians are in. The city needs to be informed on how to protect themselves and others. 

“Maintain a sense of awareness at all times. Secure your valuables from your vehicles and keep the vehicles locked. Ensure your garage door is down and secured for the night,” Moon said.  “Be a good witness if you see something so you can relay relevant information to the responding officer.” 

If you hear or see anything suspicious or illegal don’t hesitate to call the local law enforcement to look into the situation. Always call 911 if you or someone else is in a dangerous situation.