Buckle Up Georgia video advances to final round


Hannah Ramirez

Starr’s Mill students Hannah Ramirez, Peter Beardsley, and Joshua Morales have entered a 30 second film contest in an effort to depict the dangers of riding without a seatbelt. In the video, Morales loses his friend (pictured) resulting from a failure to buckle in.

Caroline Hubbard, Staff Writer

Three students from Patt Coleman’s broadcasting class created a video for the Buckle Up Georgia video competition and have advanced to the final round of voting. 

Hannah Ramirez

The votes were based on likes on the videos posted on YouTube. Thanks to the social media push and the signs around the school, the video got a lot of attention.

“We want to thank everyone who voted for us to help us get this far,” Morales said.

Junior Hannah Ramirez, who edited the video, said that she never expected the video to get in the top 10, where it is right now. Included in the video was junior Joshua Morales who wrote and acted in the video, and sophomore Peter Beardsley, who acted in it.

The video currently ranks 4th place in votes out of hundreds of entries. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and GPB will select a winner this Friday. 

First place earns a MacBook Pro that would go to editor Ramirez if Starr’s Mill wins. Second and third place finishers earn Apple iPads.