Christmas comes early for Panther Pride

Courtesy of Scott King

James Hindy, Staff Writer

On Dec. 11, the Starr’s Mill Band performed their Christmas concert in the high school gym. While Santa usually make an appearance bearing the gift of candy canes, this year the band was presented with a large wooden box. Inside, a new uniform. 

No other band has one like it.”

— band director Scott King

“I love the new uniforms,” Starr’s Mill band director Scott King said. “Mr. Groover and I designed the uniforms. We went to Wichita, Kansas, to the Fruhauf plant, and for a couple of days in early summer we did that.”

While the new uniform shares some structural aspects with its predecessor, the two are distinctly unique. One example is the color scheme chosen for the shako hat and feather. The Starr’s Mill Panther Pride is familiar with this type of headwear. However, the flare in the new scheme provides marchers and observers with a modern twist on an old-school style.  

“No other band has one like it,” King said. “It’s similar to our current one, but it’s very different also. It has a lot of different look options. We can do about eight or so different looks with the uniform.”

Not only do the new uniforms have the ability to be altered in multiple different ways, but,

because the Mill’s band booster program has put aside money for the past ten years, the Pride’s new look has been completely funded. 

It is unlikely that the citizens of Peachtree City, Georgia, will come across a white Christmas this year. However, where they lack in white, they make up for in black and blue.