Beta Club brings more than just bragging rights


Courtesy of Kristin Peavyhouse

The Starr’s Mill High School Beta Club recently attended the three-day Beta Convention in Savannah, Georgia. A group of more than 50 students attended the daily competitions and earned several awards.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

As students gather around laughing and enjoying their time in Savannah, worries are washed away. For three days each winter, stories and ideas are shared to accomplish greater goals — the goals of Beta Club.

Beta Club, a national organization focused on service and leadership, is iconically known as the club good for college resumes, but there is more to the story of this organization.

Founded in 1934 by Wofford College professor Dr. John W. Harris, the club’s original motives are still strong to this day. This non-profit organization prepares young people to be leaders inside and outside of their community. The club also provides scholarship opportunities for students.

“It’s a large group of students coming together to serve the community, and that’s what’s great about it,” Beta Club sponsor Kristin Peavyhouse said.

Students are required to obtain ten service hours and complete two service projects per semester. Students with at least a 90 GPA are invited to join. Math teacher Kristin Peavyhouse, English teacher Bonnie Stanford, and science teacher Christopher Kesterson sponsor the club, which meets on the fourth Thursday of every month.

“I just think that serving the community is just something everyone should do,” Peavyhouse said. “Community service is very important, it’s beneficial, and it enriches your life.”

On Jan. 23-25, the Starr’s Mill Beta Club attended the Beta Club Convention in Savannah. Each year Starr’s Mill participates, being the only school in Fayette County to do so. 

Beta Con is a time full of experiences. The event is held every year to help connect students through the means of good work and service while having an enjoyable time traveling and participating in competitions.

Academic winners

Senior Dalton Walraven – 2nd place – science

Senior Zach Dearman – 3rd place – social studies

Senior Caleb Warnock – 4th place – Spanish 

Sophomore Henry Ravita – 4th place – science

Sophomore Amanda Robinson – 4th place – agri-science

The quiz bowl team consisting of seniors Aulden Jones, Grace Maneein, Brock Spence, and Dalton Walraven placed 4th overall. 

Artistic winners

Senior Marissa Heinsz – 4th place – black and white photography 

Senior Rommy Sierra – 4th place – onsite painting

Sophomore Lara Meersshaert – 2nd place – drawing

Sophomore Emma Wilson – 2nd – place – black and white photography

“It’s a fun opportunity for teachers and students to go away,” Peavyhouse said. “There are all sorts of competitions, and it’s also nice to get to know the students outside of school.”

Beta Club continues to honor their motto “Let Us Lead By Serving Others.” The club inspires students to become leaders in their communities and helps them to inspire others while promoting academic success.