County exploring exam exemption change


Annika Pepper

Students leave school through the attendance office. After a parent complained about her sick child going to school in order to be able to exempt an exam off of attendance, the school board has started to look into possible changes to exemption procedures across the county.

Caroline Hubbard, Staff Writer

After a concerned parent emailed a member of the Board of Education, the county is now exploring options to change the attendance exemption policy for high school students.

The county is discussing potential harm to students and student health. Parents are concerned that the students are risking their health to exempt exams.  

Currently, If students have a 75 or above in a class and less than five occurrences, they can exempt one exam based on their attendance. Each time a student is absent, checks in, or checks out, it is recorded as an occurrence. If students have a 95 or above, they can exempt up to three exams off of grades given they have seven classes on campus. 

Not everyone agrees with potential changes to the existing procedure. 

“Personally, I think that we should keep the academic exemptions the same, but as a parent, I see the issue with the attendance [exemptions],” assistant superintendent Julie Turner said. “Though I wouldn’t want to take away an opportunity from deserving students.” 

Any changes would not go into effect until the next school year. Changes in academic exemptions have not been mentioned.

Anyone potentially affected by this change can stay informed by attending Board meetings or reading the minutes.