Interact Club shows how to serve your community


Courtesy of Starr's Mill High School Interact Club

Steven Newton spoke to the Interact Club at their March meeting. Newton explained his life circumstances and accomplishments while providing advice to students.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

Interact Club, a part of Peachtree City’s local Rotary Club hosted its monthly meeting on March 12. where Steven Newton was invited to speak. Newton presented his experiences as a lawyer and gave inspirational advice to the students present. 

“Find a career field that you have a passion in,” Newton said. “Passion in either serving others or giving back because that doesn’t feel like work to me.”

What I made myself to be is to serve other people, and it has gotten me here.”

— Steven Newton

Steven Newton, a local trial lawyer in the Georgia area, specializes in personal injury, criminal defense appeals, and general civil practice. He is also licensed in Mississippi and Louisiana, but his practice is mostly focused in the Peachtree City and Georgia area.

Newton attended University of Georgia in 2008 where he received a Bachelor’s degree in arts and political science. Newton acquired his Juris Doctor from University of Alabama’s School of Law. 

Newton was not always interested in law. While attending high school, Newton entered and won a writing contest under the Rotary Club, which provided him with a scholarship toward college. Newton was not a part of a Rotary Club in high school, but joined one once he entered college.

“I have found out through my career and even in my service of others that [Rotary] is the base of what allowed me to accomplish these things,” Newton said. 

As Newton got older, his inspiration to become a lawyer grew under his desire to help others and to help out his community. Newton discussed the importance of interacting and helping out your community such as participating in Rotary Club. He is an advocate for representing your community in a positive manner. 

“What I made myself to be is to serve other people, and it has gotten me here,” Newton said.

His actions do not simply stop in his office, but go beyond the workplace. Newton’s occupation as a lawyer has allowed him to assist and benefit others while being in a work environment.

He pushes that your actions do not have to be grand to make a difference. Newton’s actions can be visibly seen through his work. For those interested Newton can be contacted from his website: