College Board changes AP exams amid coronavirus pandemic


Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Eginmotion96) under Creative Commons license

The College Board has announced changes to the AP testing and classes for the remainder of the school year. These changes come in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Jane Gagliano, News Editor

Earlier today, the College Board sent out an update explaining how AP classes and tests will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to the mass amount of school closings, the College Board has changed the amount of material that the AP exams will cover. They have made it so that only the information that most AP teachers have covered by early March will be tested on the exam. 

Additionally, the College Board has claimed that they are currently working on making AP tests completely virtual and capable of being taken at home by students. This would consist of an online 45-minute online test. 

They will also be providing two different testing dates in order to allow students to make the decision to take it earlier, while the information is still fresh, or later, so that they can have more time to prepare. 

The College Board is working alongside colleges to still give students the ability to earn the college credit that they have worked for all year. For Starr’s Mill students, this could mean that they have already learned all of the material that will be covered on the exam.