Secretary switch up


Annika Pepper

Judy Dillon, former assistant principal secretary, has a new role in the guidance department. Dillon’s previous role involved tasks related to school events, but the new position will allow her to work more directly with students.

Elizabeth Carrico, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill Guidance Department is welcoming Judy Dillon, a new face into the department. Judy Dillon has moved from being secretary to the assistant principals to being in the guidance department.

“This position gave me more ability to meet with the students on a daily basis, and I just liked that idea,” Dillion said.

To begin in the guidance department, Dillon takes the place of Marcie Comeau who moved into the English department computer labs when Julie Lee resigned.

Dillon’s previous position was project-oriented. She would take care of Honors Night, honors certificates, discipline, the Partners in Education luncheon, and she would organize the documents the students would return from homeroom. Now Dillon will handle transcript requests and help students speak with their guidance counselors.

”This position is very different because everyday I come in there is something different,” Dillon said.

The school is currently looking to hire someone to fill Dillon’s previous position. For now, Dillon will occupy both roles.