PTSO short on funding


Annika Pepper

Starr’s Mill High School PTSO funding has been cut in half. Faculty members who typically rely on the organization’s funding for student and teacher resources will likely be impacted this year.

Emily Hawkins, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill High School’s Parent Teacher Student Organization has been unable to acquire a majority of expected funding for this school year. Approximately half of its total funds have been cut. 

“A lot of it is that we weren’t in front of the parents at Meet the Teacher, and they’ve just kind of forgotten about it,” head of the PTSO Jennifer Schafhauser said.

The PTSO is responsible for helping provide resources to teachers and scholarships for students. This semester, however, a considerable amount of the funding that the board typically distributes has not come in. 

A large part of the funding for the PTSO comes from memberships, which are usually bought at the annual Meet the Teacher event. Because the in-person event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the board is now struggling to spread the word through social media or administrative emails.

Current members support the PTSO through donations and by linking shopping accounts such as Amazon Smile to PTSO donation drives. Without the usual new memberships, those sources of income are not sufficient.

“We’re just trying to get our face out there and remind them to join,” Schafhauser said.

Money going toward scholarships will be allocated as they regularly are. Funding toward teachers’ classrooms will be cut in half, however. In years past, PTSO allotted $1,000 to each of the school’s eight departments. 

“Our PTSO is our academic booster club and their support really does help the education of every student inside the building,” Principal Allen Leonard said.

The PTSO board strongly encourages students, teachers, and Starr’s Mill parents to spread information in order for people to become members. To join the PTSO, visit