COVID-proof concert


Annika Pepper

Starr’s Mill High School performs at Friday night’s football game vs. Griffin High School. The band is taking a unique approach to social distancing at this year’s holiday performance.

Emily Hawkins, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill High School band is taking a unique approach to this year’s holiday concert. In early December, performances will be conducted around the school as a way to socially distance during the event. 

Starr’s Mill band classes, separated by level, typically perform a holiday show toward the end of the first semester. The pandemic has brought about new rules to adhere to and band directors Bert Groover and Scott King will be facilitating a new type of concert this fall. 

“The kids seem really excited about this idea, and Mr. King and I are really excited about the idea,” Groover said.

Inspired by a concert they participated in several years ago, Groover and King plan to place groups of different students in rooms and hallways around the school, each performing different pieces. Audience members will be sorted into groups and will walk from ensemble to ensemble to watch each group of students perform a variety of styles of music. 

“The kids all get multiple performances, as opposed to your traditional concert where they get one shot,” Groover said. 

While the event will be coordinated by King and Groover, students are taking charge of their individual groups. Music will be chosen and directed by students themselves. The ensembles will be composed of groups of three to five students who will choose music based on levels of difficulty. With so few members performing at once, students are expected to put forth a great team effort to work on the part for their instrument. 

“Everybody can be heard,” King said. “That’s the tricky part of it … everybody is a soloist.”

Should it go as well as expected, this style of performance may impact how later concerts are coordinated, even if the situation surrounding the pandemic eases. 

More information about the evening’s date and times will be announced on the school’s social media accounts.